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Toby Mac — Portable Sounds (2007)

March 14, 2007
Former DC Talk member Toby Mac is dropping his sixth solo effort. He has been a solo artist since 2001. Toby albums are full of diverse elements and mixes of pop, hip hop, rock and gospel music.

His new album Portable Sound is a real treat. He has added a blend of reggae to the mix, including the pure reggae track “No Signal.” That creates a lot of styles for the ear to hear at once, but it’s mixed just right so it’s not distracting. If you’re worried about his skin color he has soul and rhythm. He is very lyrical, skillful and tasteful with the choice of topics he chooses. This is a good album for most ages.

Toby’s albums have a dominating pop sound, but this album has a darker tone than the rest of his albums. This album has something for everyone and if you are a fan of hip hop it is a must buy. However, be prepared to be slightly disappointed at the length of the album. But trust me, this album still worth the money spent–the message of the album is awesome.