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The Well Fund Update

March 14, 2007

Donations: $1,216.70
Matched by The Call: $500.00
Total: $1,716.70

Cost of a Well: $5,390.00
Still Needed: $3,673.30

We’re going to take this opportunity to yet again say THANK YOU. We’d have zero bucks without you.

However, we still could use some more. Keep it coming. It’ll help.


More on The Well Fund

February 21, 2007

Ok. So, here’s where we’re at. We’ve gotten seven hundred and eighty dollars in donations. Five hundred of that was matched by The Call Office. That leaves us with over one thousand two hundred dollars in the kitty. Pretty good. Only… We’re still over four thousand dollars away from our goal of a little over five grand.

Keep those funds coming. The more the merrier.

Special thanks to those who have given since the first round of names that we printed such as: denise godwin. robert liljestrand. rachel menke. matt dodd. seth wing. jared willson. christiana dementriou. bronya clyde. The student ministries and bible departments. and a bunch of anonymous givers.

We’ve had a lot of questions about the timeline for The Well Fund, and while we’re not entirely sure when we’re going to cut off donations. The goal is to raise the entire $5390—to build a well. Please bring your donation to The Call office.

The Well Fund

February 5, 2007

so, here’s an ambitious project, let’s raise over five grand in two weeks. not really intrigued? what if it was to build a well in Africa to help provide clean water to people who currently do not have it? that’s where you and the five grand both come into play.

five grand seems a bit daunting, but let’s break that down. with over fourteen hundred undergraduates as well as hundreds of faculty of staff that’s not much. we’re asking for around five bucks. sure you can give more and you can give less. whatever works for you, works for us. just give it to your RD or drop it off at the Call Office on the third floor of old main. make sure to put it in a sealed envelope with your name on it.

here’s a link to world vision (that’s who we’re going through for this). we’ll keep you updated on the progress. thanks for your help.