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February 25, 2008

I feel exhilarated by a website. This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve experienced a dramatic feeling from a website, but it’s the first time I felt the need or desire to phrase it that way. is a work of art by Jonathan Harris (creator of several different forms of web-based art). Harris is creating a log of feeling. At the 2006 TED Conference, Harris reported on as well as a couple of his other creations.

Harris sees his project as far more than simply logging the feelings of the world… although that certainly is an intended byproduct. The key for Harris is the passive observation. People who relate feelings in their blogs or websites don’t know that Harris is pulling that clip from their website, and those who visit the site don’t know exactly who is feeling what, but, while certainly abstracted, the feelings are as personal as it gets while remaining extremely anonymous.

It’s fascinating, for me, to experience feelings from reading the feelings of others. This certainly is a work of art. It is relating so much emotion and story in such a unique manner that it can be seen as little else. Reading, and at times seeing, the deepest feeling of everything from joy and anger to depression and blasé is a very affecting experience. Say what you will about the state of the human condition and experience, but one certainly cannot neglect to mention the fact that no matter what that experience is it is deeply tied to feelings. And this artistic expression of feelings reminds us of our own humanity.

-Chris Carson

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