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Sugarland Live at the Crawford County Fair

August 27, 2007

County fairs and country music go together like milk and cereal. They are better together–you could even say they were made for each other. Similarly, the mud-soaked arena of the Crawford County Fair in Meadville seemed the perfect backdrop for Sugarland’s set.

The band crackled with energy as they ripped through their hits. The crowd’s raucous enthusiasm showed that the longing embodied in songs like “Something More” and “Happy Ending” struck quite the nerve with the audience.

In fact, the longing for a better life–for something more–was the predominant theme of the band’s set. The most poignant example of this was Sugarland’s performance of Bon Jovi’s “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.” As Sugarland played the chorus, the audience drowned out the band as they roared along, “who says you can’t go back? I’ve been all around the world, and as a matter of fact there’s only one place left I want to go.”

Sugarland’s set was powerful and dynamic and successfully tapped into the longings filling the hearts of their audience.

-nate campbell

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