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Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk live at Club Cafe

September 5, 2007

This small venue’s setting made it noticeable that many girlfriends had “dragged” their boyfriends along in anticipation of hearing some heartwarming (and heartwretching) songs. The tight space created an awkward standing crowd, but the music was still enjoyed.

The concert began with a set from Schuyler Fisk, who is also an actress (Orange County and I’m Reed Fish). She simply walked up and began to sing and play her guitar. She had a personal yet time-limited set since she was opening for Joshua Radin. To connect some dots with Radin and Fisk you may have heard their popular song “Paperweight” from the Last Kiss movie starring Zach Braff.

Using the same band members as Fisk (a percussionist and a cellist) Radin started off by stating some background to the majority of his songs. Seeing as his songs are mainly sad, a little background about his relationships that fed off of depression gave a lot more power to the songs. They were far more appreciable even though they ended up being even more heartbreaking.

Later in the concert Fisk came back out to finish out with Radin. They relationship was undeniable in the ways they interacted and connected with their eyes as they sang their various songs. Even though the concert was filled with sappily sad songs about his ex-girlfriend he was able to unite him and Fisk’s connection through a song as well. “The Fear You Won’t Fall” is about him falling for her and the fear that she won’t fall in love with him. Radin did an excellent job describing what it’s like to go through a relationship and to feel things that he’s not all to sure he should be feeling. Whether those feelings should be concealed for later in the relationship or that this may just be an exceptional one.

Almost needless to say Radin and Fisk put on a personal show. They genuinely want to play their music to help their fans understand why they are playing those certain songs or why they were even written in the first place.

-janet chamberlain

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