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Pinback- Autumn of the Seraphs (2007)

October 12, 2007

Pinback’s mellow sound and beats may make you believe at first that their songs are simple, but that is not the case. Filled with emotion and many intriguing points, their lyrics say what Pinback wants to share. The opening lines of “From Nothing To Nowhere” begin, “And nothing makes you alive / And nothing makes you move as far down the wire.” To begin an entire album with those words seems bold, but also shows you where they want to go as far as the theme.

The simplicity of style is one of the bands many highlights. Strong bass patterns are one of their most singular aspects. Many, if not all, of their songs are lead by a bass guitar melody. Because the bass has such a strong hold in the rhythm of the band, there is not much that the drums can do to accommodate it. Usually using a single and simple beat, the percussion sounds mainly electronic, or at least electronic in nature.

Pinback should draw people who enjoy mellow music with a stronger rock background. Pinback offers simple but good sound, one that will entertain their fans and those who enjoy alternative music.

-Amy Gardner

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