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Lucky # Slevin (2006)

February 26, 2007
Lucky Number Slevin is delightful–not only visually, but entertaining in its twist-filled plot. In staying away from spoiling the twist and plot the movie is about two mob bosses who used to run their mobs together. The main character Slevin (Josh Hartnett) gets thrown in between these two bosses because of a mistaken identity, and has to pay off the debt by some means to each boss. To make it even more complicated, he also meets a girl.

The visual cues in the cinematography played so well together that is was almost a reminder of the Sixth Sense. With these cues in mind, not all the flashbacks would have been needed; if someone can remember something from forty-five minutes ago they could puzzle it together.

Sure, the plot isn’t completely original, but with good acting (including Morgan Freeman, Lucy Liu and more), awesome cinematography and thought-out direction Slevin is a completely pleasurable movie. So, delight yourself and watch.