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Freaks and Geeks (1999-2000)

March 22, 2007
Going back to the ’90s for a TV show that didn’t even air a complete season isn’t always the best idea, but in some rare occasions it’s worth it. Freak & Geeks is the reason I came up with that ridiculous sentence in the first place.

Freaks & Geeks is about teen angst and whole lot more. The show centers around Lindsay and Sam Weir, two high school kids who fall into two specific categories in their high school: the freaks and the geeks (yeah, that only happens in high school). Their two parents, Harold and Jean, stereotypically cannot understand either of their kids, yet at times are just what they need (Harold: “She’s hanging with a bad crowd. She’s lying and cheating and next thing you know, she’s Patty Hearst with a gun to our heads”).

The topics range everywhere from friendship to just trying to fit in (Lindsay: “All my new friends think I’m a goody-two-shoe and all my old friends think I’m throwing my life away. What am I supposed to do?”), but no matter what the show covers, there’s bound to be something hilarious in every episode, and something very descriptive about life even beyond the high school years.

The show was canceled for who-knows-what-reason (TV shows I watch have a habit of doing that), but you can pick up the complete first season on DVD from Netflix or from the store.