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Norah Jones – Not Too Late (2007)

February 7, 2007
Norah Jones and her newly released album, Not Too Late, once again strikes a chord with her rich melancholy voice that everyone loves. As an artist she is able to take easy listening and surround it with the greatness of a jazz, bluegrass and folk feel.

This time around, her new songs include more of a variety in the way they sound, and a more honest approach in lyrics. Revealing more of her artistic style, it allows the listener to have more of a peek into who Jones is as an artist. Her lyrics make a statement as they have more substance to them, but yet any type of negative emotion is often hidden by her graceful voice. ’cause we believed in our candidate/ but even more it’s the one we hate/ I needed someone I could shake/ On election Day.

She keeps the album light by her signature sound of combining the piano, guitars, bass and cello, but yet makes it bold by adding the unique sound of the trombone and backwards electric guitar. She sings with a passionate tone about the emotions that she feels from relationships and the reality of life. The album includes 13 songs that are either written or co-written by Jones. It’s easy to listen to, but yet she writes the kind of music that everyone can identify with, which is what makes the album so classic and definitely worth checking out.