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Idiocracy (2006)

January 29, 2007
This is a great film about the “dumbing down” of America from writer/director Mike Judge (Office Space). An average Joe (Luke Wilson) and a Ho (Maya Rudolph) get frozen in a military experiment and are eventually jarred from there slumber to find that it is 2505.

The world is a very different place. So dumb, in fact, that if Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber strolled in they would be seen as tragic characters for being to rational in their stupidity. Which is what the main characters find when they reemerge after a 500 year gap. They were pretty average when they started the freezing process and now they should be in charge of the government, which they eventually do.

The film ends with a rather interesting and deep comment on the anomie (feelings of social alienation) that come with knowledge in relation to the social world that one lives in. It is not a happily ever after; it is merely survival. It begs the question of whether anything more is possible. I suspect the audience is suppose to answer yes, and then do something about it now. While a funny film, the moral of the story comes across well: go read a book or two and vote intelligently in 2008.