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Mae — Singularity (2007)

September 17, 2007

Two years have passed since Mae has graced us with the presence of a new album. The August release of Singularity should give Mae fans a reason to be excited.For past fans this album portrays much of the same sound that Dave Elkins and the guys have given us in the past. Though in some tracks, the lighter pop alternative sound is few and far between. Sharper chords and rougher rhythms give them a slightly darker sound, but nothing too drastic as to steer long-time Mae fans away.

Their first single, “Sometimes I Can’t Make It Alone,” is one of these particular songs, and deals with the fear of singularity as a theme. The chorus exemplifies this: “I was always floating around/Head in the clouds/Thinking I could make it on my own/Falling down as my back hit the ground.”  

Other songs that contain the newer, rough sound include “Sic Semper Tyrannis” and “Telescopes.” Those who are looking for the old similar Mae sound should check out songs like “On Top,” “Reflection” and “Release Me,” which highlights Rob Sweitzer’s talent on the keyboard.

Mae’s typical harmonies, beats and sound are still intact, and will leave fans pleased with the new songs. I would say that this album brings a new sound in some ways, but Mae makes it relatable enough so that everyone will be happy. The album as a whole is put together well and talks a lot about the theme of singularity and how it affects us both as individuals and as creatures of need.

-Amy Gardner

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