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International Justice Mission at Geneva

January 29, 2007

A little girl sits and stares, her big brown eyes empty and unseeing. No tears fall because she has none left to give. Though not understanding what is happening to her, she knows enough. The bruises and soreness tell stories of months upon months of forced prostitution, of abuse when she does and doesn’t give in. Raped of her innocence, she is left broken.

You’ve heard the stories, you’ve seen the issues, you’ve experienced some of it. AIDS in Africa, forced labor in India, and sex trade in the United States are a few. Topping that off are child porn, genocide, kidnapping, forced migration, and murder of street children. The list is long.

The phrase Human Rights and the word Justice are thrown around. What do they mean? This is what students want to find out. Beginning a chapter of International Justice Mission (IJM) on our campus is one new effort to discover what justice is and how we can help it take place. Students who have a passion for the countless quiet sufferers are crying for justice and seeking God’s heart.

They are coming together in prayer, educating themselves on current Human Rights issues, and taking action by educating others, and raising money to free the many types of slaves around this world. This is the vision. Beginning this semester, IJM is an attempt at learning what it means to truly care for the widows, the orphans, and the beaten. If you are interested in advocating on their behalf, do it.

Human Rights are complicated and justice is a long process but do not let that scare you away. Learn with other students as they wrestle with being faithful in an area that is difficult to understand. Interested? Email