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Not For Sale (2007)

February 4, 2008

“There are times to read history, and there are times to make history. We live right now at one of those epic moments in the fight for human freedom. We no longer have to wonder how we might respond to our moment of truth. It is we who are on the stage, and we can change the winds of history with our actions. Future generations will look back and judge our choices and be inspired or disappointed”. -David Batstone

When we speak of slavery, many think of it as a problem of our past. But in reality it has only taken on a new face — many faces, in fact. According to David Batstone, human trafficking (modern-day slavery) “generates $31 billion a year and enslaves 27 million people around the globe, half of them under the age of eighteen.”

Does this shock you? My guess would be yes. The invisibility of both the victim and the trade is a key to the survival of this booming business. If you knew that “girls and boys, men and women of all ages are forced to toil in the rug loom sheds of Nepal, sell their bodies in the brothels of Rome, break rocks in the quarries of Pakistan, and fight wars in the jungles of Africa,” wouldn’t you want to do something about it?

Most people might say that knowing about such things isn’t enough — well, I am here to tell you that it is. If invisibility is our enemy, then we need to bring light into this dark world of corruption and abuse. Not for Sale is a tool for the average person to find out what is going on and what they can do about human trafficking. Start talking. Talk to you friend, your neighbor, your best-friend’s ex-boyfriend’s twice removed uncle … but just start talking. Let those around you know that this is happening in the world.

-Bonnie Rapp

Check out Not for Sale’s website or the book on Amazon.


David Batstone — Not for Sale (2007)

April 18, 2007
The current hot topic of justice is the subject of David Batstone’s “Not for Sale.” Offering detailed accounts of slavery found in the United States and in outside countries, the words flowing from the pages touch close to home. This is not an easy read. Although it is intriguing and heart wrenching, it is also scary, holding stories of which we would rather claim ignorance.

The official book of the Amazing Change campaign, this book both challenges and offers hope. Batstone skillfully networks together the different abolitionist efforts such as International Justice Mission and Free the Slaves, showing that this is a joint effort that needs more energy. He writes with passion and high expectations as he challenges readers to become abolitionists, a vocation that he believes still continues. This book tells stories of college students who have made successful efforts towards abolition.

Read this book. I challenge you to read it and to not feel a fire burn inside of you as you read of children soldiers in Uganda, of little girls being enslaved, of women continually tricked into prostitution. My hope is that after reading “Not for Sale” you will be unwilling to except the sight of injustice without digging past the surface.