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Damien Jurado – And Now That I’m In Your Shadow (2006)

February 12, 2007
Damien Jurado’s lyrics in And Now That I’m In Your Shadow cause mental restlessness, as the piano and guitar vitally express the intricacy of the often sad messages. Every word and note feels so purposeful in their emotional stories. It is an album that can be played while studying, hanging out in a coffee shop or falling asleep; though the messages really portray great stories that can be listened to and pondered. Some of the songs even remind one’s self of different songs that have been put to independent films.

In comparison to other Damien Jurado albums this one ranks as the favored, but that may be due to a temporary emotional inclination. Some words of advice from one’s interpretation of Jurado, “Come and rest, so quiet in the meadow” (There Goes Your Man) to this album and breath in the thoughtfully placed lyrics and notes. Otherwise you may find yourself, “broken jaw and all/crippled in your glory/restless till my death.” (Hoquiam)

If looking for comparative bands Damien Jurado are similar in ways to Pedro the Lion, Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake, or Belle & Sebastian among others.