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Badly Drawn Boy – Born in the UK (2006)

February 5, 2007
Damon Gough, the man behind Badly Drawn Boy is not afraid to wear his influences on his sleeve. The title of his latest album, Born in the U.K. is an unabashed tribute to a man who has made a marked impression on Gough’s own artistic out put, Bruce Springsteen. However, unlike Springsteen, whose Born in the USA was a scathing critique of his country of origin; Born in the U.K. is a tender love letter to the singer’s birthplace.

This album is by far one of the most lyrically optimistic I have heard lately. While Gough does acknowledge the difficulty of life and love, he is evidently buoyed by hope in an ultimate triumph over the forces that buffet him. His relaxing folk rock takes place in a world where real love is hard work, but achievable.

Gough’s realistic view of relationships reflect the wisdom of a middle-aged man that stands in refreshing contrast to the whiny angst propagated by the pop-punk/emo bands that the name “Badly Drawn Boy” calls to mind. His album is interesting and relaxing, enjoyable for fans of folksy singer-song writers and youthful hipsters alike.