About Us

culture. ish. is an independent grant-funded publication and website that encourages a thoughtful engagement with popular and unpopular culture. We hope that this will help readers think about culture and, ultimately, to respond to culture – doing good and creating the space for the creation and renewal of culture.

Also, check out some articles on “Why culture. ish.?” from Greg P. Veltman and Adam Parsons.

We are…

Jake Kauffman is a Junior History major concerned about the story of art throughout the ages. Likes writing, underdogs and things with heart. Read Jake’s Articles.

Amy Gardner is a Junior English Education major interested in music, movies and cliché things that people always say they like. Writing about these things, rather than just saying she likes them, makes her feel a little more self-fulfilled. Read Amy’s Articles.

Ryan Nyeholt is in his first year of the Masters in Higher Education program at Geneva.  I spend most of my days at the Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Company.  I love coffee and reading, but my favorite thing is good and insightful conversation about life.

Peter Carson

Sam Dickerman is a sophomore sociology and liberal arts major. He is interested in society, people groups, cities, the heart of church community,the nearness and magnificence of nature, and so much else. “I’m a sociologist, so really anything interests me, if not only for its social context and meaning.” Read Sam’s Articles.

Christine Hohenberger is a sophomore: intrigued by music, creativity, knowledge and wisdom, chapstick, discovery, and perfection. She always seems to have more questions than answers. She can, however, “keep rhythm with no metronome.”

Amy Wincek

Marshal Miller is a freshman majoring in communications. He lives for television and all types of irony. He has a obsession with blue slushies.

Nate Campbell is a Geneva alum with a writing/faux-philosophy major. Read Nate’s Articles and website: www.pop-damage.com.

Bethany Wall is a Senior English Literature major with a minor in Writing. She calls Sheridan, IN home. She is also involved in theater, English club, and residence life as an RA. She is culture. ish.’s copy editor.

Dan Dickerman

Andrew Wright is a sophomore pursuing a degree in communications theater, and a minor in English lit. He enjoys movies more than almost anything else in the world, and anything cultural that is challenging or makes him think. Other than the usual movies, music, and books, Andrew is also an ardent comic book and graphic novel enthusiast, although he pretends to know much more than he actually does. Read Andrew’s articles here.

Megan Drew is a Geneva Alum and is now the manager of the Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Co.  She is also slowly, but surely, building up a crocheting business.

Andrea Hensen is a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Higher Education program at Geneva College. As an undergrad at Redeemer University College she majored in English and was a part of the student newspaper staff. Aesthetics, the philosophy of art and beauty, is one of her passions.

Jason Panella enjoys waffles.

Greg Veltman is currently a Ph.D. student, studying Education at the University of Pittsburgh where he is a Teaching Fellow. He also teaches part-time in the humanities at Geneva College. He has written for Comment and  relevantmagazine.com. Greg is the editor of culture.ish. Read Greg’s Articles and Blog.

Chris Carson is a culture.ish. alum and worked as managing editor of the publication and website. As a graduate assistant with Chris Klein, he help start the culture. ish. publication. He also watches a lot of TV shows. Read Chris’ Articles.

Janet Chamberlain is a Geneva and culture.ish alum. Janet now works at a marketing firm, Writer’s Express and manages Condominiums in Kingman, Arizona. Read Janet’s Articles.


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