Dead Patrol

Dead Patrol is a web-exclusive series of video shorts by Jason Tisch. It distinguishes itself from the vast array of YouTube do-it-yourself videos with high production values, creative cinematography and realistic sets and designs. The five-minute episodes follow Lt. Brigham (Geneva alumna Joanna Lowe) and Cpl. Keenan (Brandon Keenan), the remnants of a militia trying to clear Pittsburgh of the undead so that the city can be rebuilt. The drama-filled scenes have Brigham and Keenan face existential questions while trying to survive the zombies attack. And while the series’s use of elementary CGI for some scenes break the sense of realism, its opening theme and high quality video make the series enjoyable and engaging.

Watch the series at: The site currently features three episodes, as well as a way for viewers to donate to the continuation of this project.

Greg P. Veltman


One Response to “Dead Patrol”

  1. John Says:

    Thanks for your nice review, Greg. Our goal was to make as high a quality production as we could given our limited resources and budget. We are currently seeking distribution and/or financing so that we can continue to make more episodes.

    John Gallagher
    Producer, Dead Patrol

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