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Dead Patrol

April 15, 2008

Dead Patrol is a web-exclusive series of video shorts by Jason Tisch. It distinguishes itself from the vast array of YouTube do-it-yourself videos with high production values, creative cinematography and realistic sets and designs. The five-minute episodes follow Lt. Brigham (Geneva alumna Joanna Lowe) and Cpl. Keenan (Brandon Keenan), the remnants of a militia trying to clear Pittsburgh of the undead so that the city can be rebuilt. The drama-filled scenes have Brigham and Keenan face existential questions while trying to survive the zombies attack. And while the series’s use of elementary CGI for some scenes break the sense of realism, its opening theme and high quality video make the series enjoyable and engaging.

Watch the series at: The site currently features three episodes, as well as a way for viewers to donate to the continuation of this project.

Greg P. Veltman


The Art of Stencil Apparel

April 14, 2008

Who knew that a stencil, spray paint and a shirt could make a great piece of clothing? This is Drew Dawes’s approach to making his signature clothing. He simply searches Google Images for what he wants, draws that image on a stencil, cuts it out and spraypaints it onto a piece of clothing.

Drew first started making stencil apparel for his high school band The Pones. After that he started making clothes for his Geneva-connected band Heart 2 Hart.

Megan Drew took the opportunity to sit down with him and ask him a few questions over lunch.

Megan: My favorite work that you stencil is the people. Do you enjoy stenciling people?

Drew: Yeah, no one really knows who they are, you know? So only those who know who that person is get a kick out of it.

Megan: Do you ever sell your apparel?

Drew: I started a fake company called Dazé. It turned a small profit but it was just over one summer.

Megan: How do you know what to make?

Drew: I just make what I want and if people like it and want it then I give it to them.

Megan: The question that everyone has now is: can we place orders?

Drew: Yes! adawes[at]geneva[dot]edu is my e-mail. It would be best if people would bring their own shirt or sweatshirt or whatever because the costs will be lower and that way we know it fits.

I have been impressed with Drew’s ability ever since I traded him my high school field hockey shirt with “DREW” on the back for his Pones t-shirt. His work is both impressive and stylish. I think everything looks better in stencil now.

Megan Drew

My Favorite Things – Hulu

April 14, 2008

I don’t like TV. That’s what I tell people. It’s too restrictive. If you find a show you like or a story you want to follow, you are stuck — every Thursday night at nine or some such. Sure, you can wait ‘til it’s on DVD, but who wants to wait? But I really, really like TV shows. There’s a certain pleasure to knowing you are watching the same story as someone else, somewhere else, and that just maybe tomorrow you will both be able to turn that viewing experience into a conversation.

That’s why I like It streams full episodes of television shows for free, and it gets them up fairly quickly after they air. It doesn’t have everything, but the selection is much better than the assorted clips you can find on YouTube. It’s not limited to new shows or even to TV; it has full movies and a generous selection of older shows.

Of course, all of this doesn’t come without a catch. is legal, which means small commercial interruptions happen during the shows. But they are slight — nothing in comparison to the commercials that accompany live TV. And, when I can watch clips of last week’s SNL without having to sit through the full hour and a half (most of which is never funny), it’s a small price to pay.

Nate Campbell