Justin McRoberts – Grace Must Wound (2005)

With an album title inspired by Flannery O’Connor’s haunting words “Grace must wound before it heals,” Justin McRoberts uses his musical platform to usher listeners into the far reaches of grace. He draws a needed distinction between our ways and the identity of Christ, since Christianity in itself fails to exhibit pure grace. Nothing makes this theme more clear than his cover of Pedro the Lion’s “Secret of an Easy Yoke,” a critique of the Church who reduces God to a distant figure accessed through feel-good rituals.

If there is going to be change in the world, McRoberts knows there must be “Change” that brings each individual life and then offers it to the broken. Such surrounding brokenness is illustrated powerfully in “When They Bring You Down,” a song from God’s perspective to those who have done injustice. Christ fights for a healing justice on behalf of the oppressed, enslaved and demeaned individuals described in this song, and it is because of God’s special interest in justice that we can join McRoberts in asking Him to “Be Not Far Off (Psalm 22).”

Grace Must Wound is a collection of honest songs that showcases McRobert’s unique acoustic-driven sound. His picture of grace paves the way for his upcoming work Deconstruction, scheduled to release this spring. This album will focus more specifically on issues of justice and mercy, as well as the God-given capacity for humans to respond.

-Tesni Searles

Listen to Justin McRoberts on Myspace


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