The Guggenheim Grotto — …Waltzing Alone (2006) and live at Club Cafe.

Dublin’s tight group of singer-songwriters (including Damien Rice) was where Kevin May and Mick Lynch met. They were soon joined by producer and percussionist Shane Power to form the Guggenheim Grotto. Having made a name for themselves offering a single “Philosophia” free through iTunes, they started their first US tour this summer, putting on a very intimate show in Pittsburgh. There debut album is …Waltzing Alone, a very melodic and quiet album. Kevin is main vocalist and primary guitarist, with Mick playing a variety of instruments including ukelle and violin; Shane rounds out the trio by providing a soft yet effective beat using a cajon (a form of hand drum). In concert they played most of the album, and covered Tom Waits’ “Picture in a Frame.”

The Guggenheim Grotto specializes in thoughtful lyrics. Asking questions of aethetics, “For without an absolute how can the absolute define…/A work of art.” In “A Lifetime in Heat,” Kevin laments the separation of a relationship when his brother left home to travel for a year: “I spent myself trying to find your feet/and it felt like a lifetime in heat.” …Waltzing Alone is a beautiful album, good for a quiet, reflective and rainy day.

greg p veltman

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