Bayside — The Walking Wounded (2007)

This is the basic four-man band: the singer with his guitar, another guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. Singer Anthony Raneri has a unique enough voice in contrast to popular music out on the charts right now, but the band doesn’t stray much from the rock/pop-punk sound.

Regardless, they are definite material to be popular soon. It is easy to understand and sing along to the words. The rhythm is simple enough to rock and dance to in concert. And they actually have a band name that is someone easy to remember.

So, let’s suppose that this band does get popular with their new hit “Duality?” This is a song about two personalities. It is almost like any other, “I’m frustrated with everything” song. It is very insecure lyrically: “There’s no telling what tomorrow holds / There’s no telling which voice takes control / Is there anybody out there? / Is there anybody calling? / What if what I think is really wrong? / I’m not in control”

Being a fan of fun music when it comes to rocking out or dancing the night away at a concert, this song leaves me very conflicted as I see it is going mainstream and will be listened to mainly by young people.

I guess like many other bands, this band’s lyrics can not be taken all too seriously. Although, the sound is great, so have fun with it.



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