Amazing Grace (2007)

As biopics go, this film is as good as Walk the Line and Ray. Amazing Grace is about the life of English politician William Wilberforce, especially his work in bring about the abolition of the British slave trade in 1807. The movie chronicles a small part of his life as he grows more and more confident of his convictions and influence in the political sphere. The film highlights the people that were around him that kept him going, especially his live-long friend William Pitt.

Amazing Grace mentions a few other important parts of his life in passing: the Clapham Sect that he was a part of, his friendship with former slave-ship captain-turned-composer John Newton, and his fast romancing of his wife, Barbara. I feel like I had an advantage in knowing a lot about Wilberforce before seeing the film–viewers with less background may need to do some research following viewing in order to fully understand the film, but the movie is a much-needed introduction to a great example of a man struggling and eventually finding his vocation.



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