Thom Yorke – The Eraser (2006)

Somewhere in between all the blips, beeps, twitches, ticks and clicks Thom Yorke’s solo endeavor is artfully and creatively crafted into a must-listen album. The Eraser is a smooth yet tension-provoking album that embraces electronic alternative rock in its most raw form. Its nine tracks–some worthy of the repeat button–reveal a dark tone that somehow becomes beautiful in its own way. Others grow awkward, leaving you feeling uneasy; they demand a few listens to get past this.

At times you wait for a band like Radiohead–Yorke’s main project–to kick in, but it never happens. There is no grand entrance of instruments or a climax in each song, which is probably why he makes such a statement. The album does not follow what is expected– it’s linear and not begging for attention. The Eraser is not something you’d hear on the radio, but an album that can be downloaded on your “chill” playlist. It forces you to examine the uniqueness of generated sounds not often heard.



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