number fifteen

don’t forget it’s two sided.
As promised here’s some internet exclusive stuff:
jason’s full review of The Road.
adam’s review of The Queen.
greg’s review of Mindy Smith.
nate’s review of Badly Drawn Boy.
make sure you leave some feedback.


3 Responses to “number fifteen”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ok, here’s the deal… If this campus cannot gather a measley $5000 to literally change a communitie’s life forever, we should get OUR water turned off! We need some passionate pleas in chapel, students going from door to door in the residence halls…this should be captivating our campus. Here’s to praying it does.

  2. chris Says:

    we’re trying to do what we can. you can help too. get your friends together and go knock on some doors.

  3. chris Says:

    as i read that again, it sounds a little harsh. sorry about that. it wasn’t meant. it was more meant to be a plea for some help. thanks for doing what you’re doing.

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