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number eleven (podcast)

December 20, 2006

sorry about the podcast delay. now you have something to listen to while wrapping your christmas presents, or waiting in line to check out with your christmas presents, or, in my case, thinking about what to buy for christmas presents. anyway…

the podcast is a bunch of clips from a forum with musician dave barnes. sorry if you were there and your question/voice got cut out, but our prehistoric recording device could only get dave’s voice.

so, here’s the podcast. enjoy. and of course, merry christmas.


number eleven

December 12, 2006

merry (early) christmas from us. here’s three issues.
last full issue of the year. check back for small updates.
good bye jpg. hello pdf.
podcast still under construction.
let us know what you think.
thanks for caring.

number ten

December 6, 2006

number ten.
lots of playlists.
listen to the podcast.
give to the mocha club.
check out dave barnes and nevertheless.
leave some feedback.
thank you.