number six

listen to samples of, or download, part of ashley’s playlist here.
check out free the slaves.
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(just found out the printer is down… mid-week release for the printed copy. sorry about the delay.)


6 Responses to “number six”

  1. John Baldauff Says:

    I love LOST. Such great television.

  2. John Baldauff Says:

    ps. my blog is now @

    And I just got my TWLOHA shirt in the mail and it is a really quality, stylish shirt. Those guys really do understand the importance of aesthetics.

  3. Big Al Says:

    interestingly enough, in the movie “thank you for smoking” you never see one of the characters smoke.

  4. Jeff Robinson Says:

    The Decemberists album is really great. I’m curious as to how their literary rock is being received by mainstream crowds. Now that they’re on Capitol records, they’re definitely getting some more exposure. A rep associated with their label even put up a bunch of their posters in our store last week, definitely took me by surprise.

  5. chris Says:

    jeff, they’re definitely catching on. i heard the crane wife 3 playing in urban outfitters in chitown last weekend.

  6. Jason Says:

    The Crane Wife is probably one of the best reviewed albums of the year, but I’m still warming up to the band, for some reason. WYEP is playing lots from it, too.

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